What mushrooms are included on this site?

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The following is a list of the more than 100 mushrooms and their categories that a recipe on this site can reference. Note that if there is not a recipe for a given mushroom, it will not appear in the list of recipes.

Most of the mushrooms are from the USA, specifically the Pacific Northwest. There are also some more well known European, Asian, gourmet and exotic cultivated and medicinal mushrooms included.

The significant reference materials for generating this list were: Mushrooms Demystified (David Arora), 100 Edible Mushrooms (Michael Kuo), MushroomExpert.com, MykoWeb.com, Tom Volk's Fungi, and Rogers Mushrooms. Inclusion on this list erred on the side of caution, i.e. species were not included if there is material indicating either issues regarding edibility or a significant potential for mis-identification. Some edible but forgettable species were also not included. The botanical names are as updated as possible, given continually changing classifications. The common names may be much less accurate. Some species may be grouped together if they are close cousins, other may have more than one species listed if there is a relatively recent name change or naming confusion.

Review and feedback is greatly appreciated on:

  1. Edibility
  2. Categorization
  3. Spelling
  4. Inclusion/Exclusion
  5. Common names
  6. etc...

Just as the depth of recipes on this site is determined by contributions from others, accuracy of this list needs oversight. Please send your comments, corrections and concerns, or add your comments in the forum.

Remember, these mushrooms may or may not  be edible for you or for others. Join your local club and learn to safely identify and sample wild mushrooms!