What mushrooms are included on this site?


The following is a list of the more than 100 mushrooms and their categories that a recipe on this site can reference. Note that if there is not a recipe for a given mushroom, it will not appear in the list of recipes.

Most of the mushrooms are from the USA, specifically the Pacific Northwest. There are also some more well known European, Asian, gourmet and exotic cultivated and medicinal mushrooms included.

The significant reference materials for generating this list were: Mushrooms Demystified (David Arora), 100 Edible Mushrooms (Michael Kuo), MushroomExpert.com, MykoWeb.com, Tom Volk's Fungi, and Rogers Mushrooms. Inclusion on this list erred on the side of caution, i.e. species were not included if there is material indicating either issues regarding edibility or a significant potential for mis-identification. Some edible but forgettable species were also not included. The botanical names are as updated as possible, given continually changing classifications. The common names may be much less accurate. Some species may be grouped together if they are close cousins, other may have more than one species listed if there is a relatively recent name change or naming confusion.

Review and feedback is greatly appreciated on:

  1. Edibility
  2. Categorization
  3. Spelling
  4. Inclusion/Exclusion
  5. Common names
  6. etc...

Just as the depth of recipes on this site is determined by contributions from others, accuracy of this list needs oversight. Please send your comments, corrections and concerns, or add your comments in the forum.

Remember, these mushrooms may or may not  be edible for you or for others. Join your local club and learn to safely identify and sample wild mushrooms!

  • Agaricus
    • Agaricus albolutescens (Amber Staining Agaricus)
    • Agaricus arvensis (Horse Mushroom)
    • Agaricus augustus (The Prince)
    • Agaricus bernardii (Salt Agaricus)
    • Agaricus bitorquis (Tork)
    • Agaricus campestris (Meadow Mushroom)
    • Agaricus cupreobrunneus (Field Mushroom)
    • Agaricus fuscofibrillosus (Bleeding Agaricus)
    • Agaricus lilaceps (Giant Cypress Agaricus)
    • Agaricus osecanus (Giant Horse Mushroom)
    • Agaricus perobscurus (The Princess)
    • Agaricus silvicola (Woodland Agaricus)
    • Agaricus subrufescens, A. blazei (Almond Mushroom)
    • Agaricus subrutilescens (Wine Colored Agaricus)
  • Boletes, Leccinum & Suillus
    • Boletus aereus, B. regineus (Queen Bolete)
    • Boletus appendiculatus (Butter Bolete)
    • Boletus barrowsii (White King Bolete)
    • Boletus edulis (Porcini, King Bolete)
    • Boletus mirabilis (Admiral Bolete)
    • Boletus pinophilus (Pine bolete)
    • Boletus reticulatus, B. aestivalis (Summer bolete)
    • Boletus rex-veris (Spring King)
    • Gyroporus castaneus (Chestnut Bolete)
    • Leccinum aurantiacum, L. vulpinum (Red Cap Bolete)
    • Leccinum insigne (Aspen Bolete)
    • Leccinum manzanitae (Manzanita Bolete)
    • Leccinum scabrum (Birch Bolete)
    • Leccinum versipelle (Orange Birch Bolete)
    • Strobilomyces floccopus (The Old Man of the Woods)
    • Suillus caerulescens (Douglas Fir Suillus)
    • Suillus cavipes (Hollow Stem Suillus)
    • Suillus granulatus (Granulated Bolete)
    • Suillus lakei (Western Painted Suillus)
    • Suillus luteus (Slippery jack)
    • Suillus variegatus (Velvet Bolete)
  • Chanterelles
    • Cantharellus cibarius, C. formosus, C. cascadensis (Chantrelle)
    • Cantharellus cinnabarinus (Red Chanterelle)
    • Cantharellus subalibidus (White Chantrelle)
    • Cantharellus tubaeformis, C.infundibuliformis (Yellow-Foot, Funnel Chantrelle)
    • Craterellus cinereus (Black Chanterelle)
    • Craterellus cornucopioides, C. fallax (Horn of Plenty, Black Trumpet)
    • Polyozellus multiplex (Blue Chanterelle)
  • Medicinal
    • Agaricus subrufescens, A. blazei (Almond Mushroom)
    • Agrocybe aegerita (Pioppino)
    • Cordyceps sinensis (Cordyceps)
    • Ganoderma lucidum, G. tsugae (Reishi, Lingzhi)
    • Grifola frondosa (Hen of the Woods, Maitake)
    • Hericium erinaceus (Lion's mane, Pom Pom)
    • Inonotus obliquus (Chaga mushroom)
    • Lentinula edodes (Shiitake, Chinese Black Mushroom)
    • Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom)
    • Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail, Yun-Zhi)
  • Milk Caps
    • Lactarius deliciosus (Delicious or Saffron Milk Cap)
    • Lactarius deterrimus (False Saffron Milkcap)
    • Lactarius fragilis, L. rubidus, L. rufulus, L. camphoratus (Candy Cap)
    • Lactarius indigo (Indigo Milk Cap)
    • Lactarius rubrilacteus, L. sanguilfluus (Bleeding Milk Cap)
    • Lactarius volemus (Tawny Milkcap)
  • Morels
    • Morchella deliciosa (White Morel)
    • Morchella elata (Black Morel)
    • Morchella esculenta (Yellow Morel)
    • Morchella semilibera (Half-Free Morel)
    • Verpa conica (Bell Morel)
  • Oysters
    • Hypsizygus ulmarius (Elm Oyster)
    • Pleurocybella porrigens (Angel Wings)
    • Pleurotus cystidiosus (Abalone Mushroom)
    • Pleurotus djamor (Pink Oyster Mushroom)
    • Pleurotus eryngii (King Oyster, Royal Trumpet, Eryngii)
    • Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom)
    • Pleurotus ostreatus var. columbinus (Blue Oyster)
    • Pleurotus pulmonarius (Indian Oyster, Lung Oyster, Phoenix Mushroom)
  • Parasols
    • Chlorophyllum brunneum (Shaggy Parasol)
    • Chlorophyllum olivieri (Shaggy Parasol)
    • Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Shaggy Parasol)
    • Macrolepiota procera (Parasol Mushroom)
  • Polypores
    • Fistulina hepatica (Beefsteak Polypore, Ox Tongue)
    • Grifola frondosa (Hen of the Woods, Maitake)
    • Laetiporus sulphureus, L. cincinnatus (Sulfur Shelf, Chicken of the Woods)
  • Puffballs
    • Calbovista subsculpta (Sculptured Puffball)
    • Calvatia craniiformis
    • Calvatia gigantea, C. booniana (Giant Puffball)
    • Calvatia sculpta (Sculptured Puffball)
    • Lycoperdon perlatum, L. pyriforme (Pear Puffball)
  • Russulas
    • Russula aeruginea (Green Russula)
    • Russula brevipes (Short Stemmed Russula)
    • Russula claroflava, R. flava (Yellow Swamp Russula)
    • Russula cyanoxantha (Charcoal Burner)
    • Russula vesca (Bare-Toothed Russula, The Flirt)
    • Russula virescens, R. crustoa (Quilted Green Russula)
    • Russula xerampelina (Shrimp Russula)
  • Toothed
    • Hericium abietis (Bear's Head)
    • Hericium coralloides, H. americanum, H. ramosum (Goat's Beard)
    • Hericium erinaceus (Lion's mane, Pom Pom)
    • Hydnum repandum, H. rufescens, H. umbilicatum (Hedgehog Mushroom)
  • Truffles
    • Leucangium cathusianum (Oregon Black Truffle)
    • Tuber aestivum (Black Summer Truffle)
    • Tuber magnatum (White Truffle)
    • Tuber melanosporum (Black Perigord Truffle)
    • Tuber oregonense, T. gibbosum (Oregon White Truffle)
  • Other
    • Agrocybe aegerita (Pioppino)
    • Armillaria mellea (Honey Mushroom)
    • Auricularia auricula (Jelly Ear, Jew's Ear)
    • Auricularia polytricha (Cloud Ear, Tree Ear, Black Fungus)
    • Calocybe gambosa (St. George's Mushroom)
    • Camarophyllus pratensis (Meadow Waxy Cap)
    • Chroogomphus vinicolor, C. tomentosus (Pine Spike)
    • Clitocybe nuda, C. saeva (Blewit, Blue Foot))
    • Clitocybe odora, C. deceptiva (Anise Mushroom)
    • Clitopilus prunulus (Sweetbread Mushroom)
    • Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane)
    • Flammulina velutipes (Velvet Foot, Enoki, Enokitake)
    • Gomphus clavatus (Pig's Ears)
    • Hypomyces lactifluorum (Lobster Mushroom)
    • Hypsizygus tessellatus, H. marmoreus (Beech Mushroom, Shimeji)
    • Laccaria amethystina, L. amethysteo-occidentalis (Amethyst Laccaria)
    • Laccaria laccata (The Deceiver)
    • Lentinula edodes (Shiitake, Chinese Black Mushroom)
    • Neolentinus lepideus (Train Wrecker)
    • Neolentinus ponderosus
    • Lyophyllum decastes (Fried Chicken Mushroom)
    • Marasmius oreades (Fairy Ring Mushroom)
    • Pholiota nameko (Nameko)
    • Pluteus cervinus (Deer Mushroom)
    • Cortinarius caperatus (Gypsy Mushroom)
    • Sparassis crispa, S. radicata (Cauliflower Mushroom)
    • Stropharia rugoso-annulata (King Stropharia)
    • Tricholoma flavovirens, T. equestre (Man on Horseback)
    • Tricholoma magnivelare (Matsutake, Pine Mushroom)
    • Tricholoma portentosum (Streaked Tricholoma)
    • Tremella fuciformis (Snow Fungus)
    • Ustilago maydis (Huitlacoche)
    • Volvariella volvacea, V. bombycina (Straw Mushroom)
    • Volvariella speciosa
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